Our Services and Pricing

Our Services and Pricing

Street Diamonds Detailing is locally owned company. We cater to vehicle owner in the Twin Cities area.

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Auto-Detailing Services

We specialize in auto-detailing, which covers Interior and Exterior detailing of a vehicle.

Interior Detailing

Interior Detailing involves deep cleaning of all the crevasses inside your vehicle.

Exterior Detailing

Exterior Detailing involves cleaning, decontaminating and restoring your exterior to its original condition.

Express cleaning

For those times when your vehicle just needs refreshing.

Paint Correction

It involves wet sanding, polishing and buffing which removes, swirling, scoffs and many other surface scratches.

Headlight restoration

It removes unsightly yellowing and cloudy film to restore your headlights clarity.

Pre-Sales Detailing

It increase the value and sells your vehicle much faster.

Odor Removal

It removes unpleasant foul odors that just won’t go away.

Maintenance Protection Programs

(Paint Sealants) 6-12 Months and (Ceramic Coatings) 3-5 years

Dog Hair Removal

This is our specialty. We remove all of the hair (even the tiniest bits) and leave your car’s interiors clean and tidy.

Street Diamonds Detailing

Detail Pricing

Interior Detail Package

Professional grade cleaning of the headliner all of your plastic, leather, vinyl, dash, vents, blinker switch, gear shifter, glove-box, center console, all the cracks and crevasses, cubby holes, cup holders, coin tray, shampoo/steam clean carpets and seats, interior glass.

  • Cars (2 or 4 door) - $120.00
  • Midsize SUVs and Wagons - $140.00
  • Large SUVs, Trucks and Vans - $160.00
Exterior Detail Package

Professional grade exterior hand-wash, polish and wax including clay-barring to remove road-rash, bugs and tar, clean all plastic/rubber, clean and dress rims, clean exterior windows and vacuum interior.

  • Cars (2 or 4 door) - $125.00
  • Midsize SUVs and Wagons - $140.00
  • Large SUVs, Trucks and Vans - $160.00
Complete Detail Package

Includes all items listed for Interior Detail and Exterior Detail package.

  • Cars (2 or 4 door) - $225.00
  • Midsize SUVs and Wagons - $245.00
  • Large SUVs, Trucks and Vans - $260.00
Supreme Detail Package:

Offers all the benefits of our complete detail package. Bring your new or used vehicle back to its original show room shine.

1-2-3 stage Professional Grade polish

*WAX all door jambs plus rubber care

*Fabric protectant

*Clean and condition leather

*Paint sealant (9 months protection)

*Exterior glass protection (Rain X)

We require a vehicle evaluation and owner consultation prior to pricing

Express Detail Package:

Handwash exterior, Wax, Vacuum interior, Light Wipedown of interior dash and console.

Clean windows inside and outside

Cars (2 or 4 door) - $45.00

Midsize SUVs and Wagons - $55.00

Large SUVs, Trucks and Van - $65.00

Additional Services:
  • Ceramic Coatings
  • Tint Removal
  • Shampoo carpets
  • Cars (2 door or 4 door) - $45.00-$55.000
  • Mid-size SUVs and Wagons - $55.00-65.00
  • SUVs Large SUVs, Trucks or Vans - $75.00-99.00
  • Scratch removal - $45.00 hour
  • Headlamp restoration - $75.00 Pair
  • Overspray removal - $45.00 hour
  • Order removal - $45.00 hour
  • Compound Removal - $45.00 hour
  • Pressure Wash and dress engine - $45.00
  • Dog hair removal - $45.00 hour
  • Decal removal - $45.00 hour
  • Clean set of 4 rims - $40.00 (set)
  • Shampoo set of floor-matts - $19.95
  • Paint Sealer (TBD)
  • Swirl Removal (TBD)
  • Touch-up Paint (TBD)

All pricing is a starting point based on average vehicle condition Subject To Evaluation of vehicle and subject to price change.

All we need is an empty vehicle.  We ask you to remove all personal items prior to your appointment. There is an additional fee of $15.00 to bag your belongings.

We are not responsible for the damage that rarely occurs while cleaning engine compartment.

Excessive dirt or hair removal starts at minimum of $25.00 and billed at $25.00 per additional half hour.

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